What audience are you trying to reach with your company’s health-related information:

  • General consumer?
  • Growing senior market?
  • Health care personnel like doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians?
  • Health executives and administration?
  • Sales reps?
  • The media?
  • All of the above?

WM Medical Communications has been developing marketing materials directed to all these audiences since 1988. 

I have also provided strategic planning for reaching these folks, even if your company isn’t in health care. For example, maybe you’re a supermarket chain that wants to provide nutrition advice on your Website, but you can’t find a dietitian who can write in plain English.

I believe in making websites easy to read; it’s a skill that has led me to teach classes on the subject both at national conferences (including the Direct-to-Physician/Direct-to-Consumer) and (periodically) within clients' offices.  One of the key rules I give my audiences is “Keep it neat,” which is why on these pages you will find only a partial list of my skills and clientele. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Look forward to talking soon!